I was totally amazed. When I went to see Dr. Weihong Yuan, I felt wonderful after the very first visit.

I suffer from congestive heart disease which has caused neuropathy, swelling, pain and poor circulation in my legs and feet. Dr. Yuan’s acupuncture treatments reduced the pain and swelling and also improved my circulation. The skin tone on my legs and feet even improved as my circulation increased.

My heart disease also causes me to have problems with insomnia. Dr. Yuan’s treatments helped me to sleep longer during the night. Her treatments also made me feel more relaxed and less constipated and improved my overall health. I hope Dr. Yuan realizes what a dramatic improvement that I experienced due to her treatments.

I was a firm skeptic and now I am a strong believer in the power of acupuncture. I would certainly recommend Dr. Weihong Yuan’s acupuncture treatments for a variety of ailments. I have willingly shared this information with my cardiologist and other doctors who are currently treating my health concerns. I only regret that I did not seek treatment from her sooner.

Mrs. Audrey


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  • Acupuncture To Prevent Heart Failure

    Acupuncture is the process of piercing the skin with needles at specific points to treat various illness, and according to the latest finding it can also prevent heart failure. It works on the sympathetic nervous system, which causes involuntary movements such as excess palpitation and inappropriate blood pressure. Over activation of sympathetic nerves is one of the main reason for heart failures. The cure thus lies in controlling the activity of these nerves which is effectively done by Acupuncture.

    It has been noticed that the sympathetic nerve is much more active in heart patients than in people with healthy heart. This exerts the weak heart to work more than it's capacity, leading to heart failure.

    Dr. Holly R. Middlekauff, M.D., associate professor of medicine at the University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine, for the first time experimented Acupuncture as a treatment to prevent heart failure.

    Dr. Holly along with other researchers, underwent an experiment of acupuncture on 14 heart patients. They were divided into three groups. The first group of heart patients were given acupuncture at the traditional sites. The second group of patients received it in "non-acupoint" and the third group, did not receive it at all.

    Mental stress was then created on patients by giving them math problems to solve mentally and speak out the answers aloud. They were also given the colour/word test. The words were written in different colored ink and the patients were asked to tell the colour of the words.

    After 20 minutes, for the first group, blood pressure and heart rate remained unaffected and the activity of the sympathetic nerve reduced. On the other hand, activity of the sympathetic nerve increased in both the non-acupoint patients and the patients who did not receive it at all.

    "We need to do more studies in large patient populations and repeat the procedures over a period of weeks, rather than just once, as we did in our study. But in clinical experience, it has been used successfully and with long-range results in improving hypertension, and it may also be beneficial in lowering sympathetic nerve activity," says Dr.Holly.

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