We call Dr. Weihong Yuan our miracle worker, a diamond in the rough. After 2 ½ years of unsuccessfully conceiving a third child, we turned to medical testing. A hysterosalpingogram revealed that both of my fallopian tubes were blocked. Not wanting to undergo the invasive options needed to unblock the tubes, I looked up acupuncturists on the internet. I chose Dr. Weihong Yuan, not only because of her list of credentials, but also because of the quick and positive response she sent to me regarding her success with helping couples with infertility situations. Within five weeks she proved herself correct. I was feeling strong, healthy, and pregnant in less than two months of her care. Not even a year later, we have a beautiful, healthy baby boy. In that short five weeks, Dr. Yuan not only treated me with acupuncture, she provided tips on nutrition and taking care of my body, tips that you don’t find in parenting magazines. She was kind, caring, and professional and displayed an endless amount of knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Yuan helped bring us one of the greatest joys of our lives. I only wish that every woman who finds themselves in my situation, also finds a Dr. Weihong Yuan.


My infertility journey was a very difficult one, but thank God it ended after I met Dr. Weihong Yuan. For many years I tried various alternative reproductive treatments, including numerous in vitro procedures. I had seen several doctors specializing in acupuncture with no success.

Well, I was facing my final in vitro procedure. I was getting older. and we were out of money and could no longer afford treatment. I prayed about it and was led to change to a different acupuncturist. That it when I met Dr. Yuan. Her protocol was very different than the prior acupuncturist. I was somewhat skeptical, but gave her a chance. Unlike the prior physicians Dr. Yuan insisted the acupuncture services were only up to transfer of the embryo. Once the transfer took place, no additional services were needed because of the risk of damage to the embryo. I went for my last acupuncture treatment the morning of my transfer, and two weeks later, my pregnancy test was positive.

Additionally. she gave me valuable tips on conceiving and "priming" the uterus for conception. One example. was that a woman's feet must stay warm. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Yuan for her insight and knowledge related to pregnancy.


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