Dear Dr. Weihong Yuan,

This letter is to share my appreciation for the wonderful services that you rendered to my son, Derek. I brought him to you in the spring of 2008 with tendinitus in his left arm. He is a baseball pitcher and had suffered recurring arm problems for some time, to the point where I had brought him to an expensive sports medicine clinic for treatment. It was the failure of the sports medicine clinic to help my son that lead me to your door.

After three treatments, my son felt considerable relief and he was able to pitch without pain. As the season progressed you continued to treat his arm and also helped him learn how to relax during times of anxiety. The final result? He not only lead his team to the state championship series, he earned a college scholarship for pitching. Currently, he is in his sophomore year and still pitching without pain.
Thanks so much for your care and expertise.


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